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Ring Sizers

Ring Sizers

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Would you like your own custom made Fruit Bowl ring? Not sure of your ring size? Here's your answer :-) A UK sized, A-Z, regular band, ring sizer.

CREDIT WHEN YOU RETURN! Send the sizer back to me when you're done and I will give you a $25 discount on Fruit Bowl jewellery ring purchases (this does not include rings in my Sale section).

Sizing is tricky business! It's always best if the jeweller can size you in person. If you are in the Wanaka area, please contact me to arrange. Otherwise, here's my sizing tips.

  • Most New Zealand jewellers work with UK sizing. This starts with A (the smallest) and extends to Z (the largest size). It is possible to go bigger, this is Z+1 then Z+2 etc.
  • Size your chosen finger at different times of the day and at different temperatures. Your hands and fingers do swell and they are affected by environmental factors, as well as your mood, your level of activity and hydration.
  • You want the size to be on the tighter side. Not too tight that you have to wrench off, but tight enough so that you won't lose it. It's helpful to see if someone else can pull it off your finger. They will alway err on the side of gentle, so if they can pull it off it's too big!
  • Bear in mind that in many ring designs, the top half of the ring is the heavier part. So this is also why you want a tighter fit. There's nothing more annoying than a ring that spins around and around.
  • If it gets stuck DO NOT PANIC. If you could get it on then you can get it off again! It's best to twist the ring off like a lid as opposed to pulling. A little moisturiser goes a long way too ;-)
  • If you're looking at purchasing a ring with a wider band you need a wide band sizer. As the band is covering a wider space it will generally be a bigger ring size than what you might measure with a thin band.
  • Men or women with large hands may need alternate sizing options. Please talk to me if you have big hands. This is not uncommon so don't be shy!


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