Care for your Fruit Bowl jewellery

GEMSTONE CRUSH JEWELLERY These one of a kind jewellery pieces are made of sterling silver set with crushed semi-precious stones in resin. The sharper bits of stone will naturally round off with wear but they can chip off should the piece be banged against a hard surface.

SILVER The silver will naturally shine up with wear but it can also become tarnished. This is natural process and depends on the environment you live in.

GOLD PLATING: If you want to live 24/7 with a gold plated piece on you, you may want to reconsider. Gold plating does not last forever if you thrash it! It especially doesn't mix well with perfumes, sweat, pools and any constant friction. Remove before swimming, working out, showering and going to bed. Please don't ever wear it and apply perfume. If you're on to it and look after your gold plated jewellery, you'll get good wear and it can eventually be re-plated too :-)

EARRINGS Earring posts and wires are delicate. Take care when taking on and off so you don’t bend out of shape and cause a weakness to the metal.

IN GENERAL Do not let your jewellery come into contact with nail polish removers, perfume or hairspray and don’t wear in swimming pools or spas. Consider that the more contact your jewellery piece has with water, and the more wear, the more likely it is to age and potentially cause damage.

CLEANING If you feel like your Fruit Bowl jewellery is looking a little lacklustre you can bring back some shine by giving the metal and gemstone setting a light scrub with a wet, soapy old toothbrush. Once dry you can use a polishing cloth to revive it. Be very,very gentle doing this with gold plated pieces.

I believe jewellery should be comfortably lived in, however it is by nature impermanent. These are handcrafted art pieces and should be treated as such.

I hope you love wearing your new jewels!

Briar 🍉🍊🥝