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Sundrop Pendant Necklaces - Gold

Sundrop Pendant Necklaces - Gold

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Sweet little Sundrop Pendant Pieces. This neck candy features a singular cubic zirconia set in gold plated sterling silver (3 microns of 18ct gold).

Most of us have chains a plenty, so if you happen to be treating yourself, I'm offering a 50cm gold plated chain (or longer if desired)  - please select a chain or no chain required on purchase.

I can make to order too! Please email me (Briar) if you would like to order a particular coloured cubic zirconia.

Care for your Gold Plated pendant: If you want to live 24/7 with this piece on you, you may want to consider that gold plating does not last forever if you thrash it!

It especially doesn't mix well with perfumes, sweat, pools and any constant friction. Remove before swimming, working out, showering and going to bed. Please don't ever wear it while you're wearing perfume on your neck/chest. If you're on to it and look after your gold plated pendant, you'll get good wear and it can eventually be re-plated too :-)

Made in Wanaka. Unique, colourful jewellery designed and crafted by New Zealand artist and jeweller Briar Hardy-Hesson.

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